Joseph John

Joseph John is the President of the Indo-American Press Club, Alberta chapter, Canada.

He is a member of the Canadian Freelance Guild (CFG). He is the key person behind the “Nammal Online” news portal website run by a group of visionaries in Canada covering International, Indian, North American, and Kerala news. He is a freelance reporter based in Calgary, providing community reports to Malayalam News Papers. He is also the reporter of the Global Reporter TV, providing community visual reports in Malayalam.

  • Professionally Joseph John is a Cathodic Protection Specialist and Coating Inspector (NACE Certified), an international Corrosion Engineers organization; and he is presently serving as the Secretary of the NACE Calgary Section.
  • Founder and organizer of “Kavyasandhya,” an organization that promotes literary and cultural activities for kids in Malayalam
  • He was the Past President of the Malayalee Cultural Association of Calgary, (MCAC) an organization with more than membership of more than 4000 families, transmitting knowledge of our culture, values, tradition, and festivals to our youngsters.
  • Founder and organizer of “NAMMAL” North American Media- center for Malayalam Arts and Literature, a non-profit organization with a vision to promote talents across North America.
  • Volunteer coordinator for ” Nammalude Pallikkudam.” an initiative by Nammal Online for teaching Malayalam online, in association with Malayalam Mission to propagate the language worldwide, by the Government of Kerala.