Bestselling Author, Speaker and Founder of Embrace the Chaos – a change & transformation company. His Washington Post Bestselling book titled, Embrace the Chaos:

How India Taught Me to Stop Overthinking and Start Living – celebrated the India experience of dealing with uncertainty and learning to embrace change in our daily lives and to always be moving forward. Bob’s other books include Treat Your Customers, about business lessons he learned working at his family’s Dairy Queen store and Make Your Own Luck, which he launched in India in November 2019. Today, Bob speaks, writes and advises companies on change and transformation. He lives in New Jersey, USA.


Badal Shah is another recent example of an Indian coming from humble background from India and fulfilling his American dream. 

A 22 year old pharmacist who came to the US in 2012, in search of his dream, Badal rose through the ranks to become the youngest Managing Director of QPharma Inc. – a premium medical, commercial and compliance partner of pharmaceutical companies and was recently declared as one of the top 100 healthcare leaders in 2020 by IFAH (International Forum on Advancement in Healthcare). He pioneered the unique approach of “How to achieve effective medical communication and optimize field force during drug launch” which helped successfully launch more than 25 drugs that were paramount in treating various diseases. He created the entire Health analytics services in the last three years at QPharma and has created unique platforms and solutions, which are now being used by more than 2500 pharmaceutical leaders from the top 20 pharmaceutical companies all over the world.


Ravinder Pal Singh is an award-winning Technologist, Rescue Pilot and Investor with over 50+ global recognition and 17 Patents. 

Ravi’s body of work is considered groundbreaking and considered first in the world in making a difference within acute constraints of culture and cash via commodity technology. He has been acknowledged as one of the world’s top 25 CIOs and one of the top 10 Robotics Designers in 2018. Ravi is a global speaker and has delivered over 100+ lectures and papers in Asia, Europe, USA and Africa in 2018-19. Ravi is advisor to a board of 9 enterprises where incubation and differentiation is a core necessity and challenge. He sits on the advisory council of 3 global research firms where he contributes in predicting practical future automation use cases and respective technologies.