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Facebook Says it Doesn't Try to Influence How People Vote

16 Apr, 2016 By joji

Facebook has declared it will never use its product to influence how people on the platform vote. Earlier today, Gizmodo reported that employees had asked Mark Zuckerberg to answer the question, "What responsibility does Facebook have to help prevent President Trump in 2017?" in an internal poll.Our report came after Zuckerberg made unprecedented political comments at his company's annual F8 devel...

Funny story

21 Apr, 2016 By admin

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MASS COMMUNICATION- At a glance: Dr.Thomas Mathew Joys

10 Jun, 2016 By admin

Every morning begins with sipping a cup of hot coffee or tea and holding a newspaper on the other hand – that culture and habit sumptuously formed by the common man, is the progressive output of mass communication and the success of mass media.Mass communication means, in general, the conveying of information from a person, small group of people, or an organization to a large group of heterogeneou...

Is media credibility eroding?

21 Jul, 2016 By admin

Dr. Thomas Mathew JoysDonald Trump took aim at the media, calling one reporter "sleazy" and saying "I think the political press is among the most dishonest people that I have ever met." What do you think of these comments by the presumptive Republican candidate for President? Some people who commented on the Facebook video carrying his comments at a press conference seemed to agree with Mr. Trump...