We, the members of the Indo-American Press Club, believe that the Indo-American journalists nationwide should bind themselves together in an effort to increase employment in the media, to increase the number of Indian Americans in management positions, to encourage and educate young Indian Americans interested in pursuing a journalism career, to monitor and sensitize all media to social justice, to enact and establish these objectives for the governance of our members. Indo-American Press Club is a syndicate of print and electronic media journalists of Indian origin working in the North American continent and elsewhere, as the professional standard- bearers of media ethics and accuracy.

IAPC has been formed with the objective of:

  • enhancing the standard and working conditions of journalists.
  • offering educational opportunities for its members with a view to enhance their skills and proficiency in this modern world.
  • encouraging young people to consider journalism and offering training and support.
  • serving as a hub from which partnership and non-partnership organisations, including the mainstream media, can take content with a view for publication.
  • preserving the freedom of the Press by adjudicating the just concerns against and by the press for violation of ethics and freedom of the press.
  • maintaining high standards, we will be able to offer accreditation to media outlets and journalists of Indian origin.
  • joining hands with member organizations, help and support marketing efforts with private and public undertakings including the Governments of the US and India.
  • promoting effective journalism and honouring those adhering to highest standards of journalism by honoring media persons and organizations with annual awards.