It’s an honor and responsibility to be the Chairman of Indo American Press Club (IAPC), a fast growing syndicate of print, visual, online, and electronic media journalists and other media related professionals of Indian origin working in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

It’s been a privilege to get to know many of you in the past few months and the great contributions of IAPC members, who are a vital link between the fast changing media world and the larger humanity.

I thank the Board of Directors and the Founders of IAPC for honoring me with the responsibility of leading this noble organization as the Chairman of the Board for the next two years. Your choice humbles me, and I promise to do my duties with the best of my abilities.

I am an ex-Navy medic and in the Navy when the ship is going through stormy waters, the captain calls for all hands on deck, calling all sailors to come onto the deck. This is a similar time for all of us.  Let’s work together as a team, braving the challenges and moving forward in a positive manner to be the true voice of the world, helping realize the noble mission for which IAPC was founded.

Social media is changing the way we communicate and the way we are perceived, both positively and negatively. Today, our life will remain incomplete without the media. With the growing importance, comes the responsibility for the media to be fair, accurate and impartial.

These are unprecedented times for the journalists and the media, where dozens of journalists have sacrificed their lives due to this pandemic that has impacted the world. During this pandemic, the significance of traditional media is all the more important to provide fair, balanced, and UpToDate information to the population. Safety of media workers is particularly at risk in this crisis because you must continue to provide information on the ground and report news by visiting hospitals, interviewing politicians, doctors, nurses, and patients. At IAPC, we salute these brave men and women who risk their lives in order to bring to the world accurate reporting, and being an effective voice of the media world.

As a group of professional journalists scattered in different countries and states, I am grateful to the past leaders of IAPC in the past seven years for their consistent efforts, strategic planning and hard work by a rising number of members from across the globe, contributing to the growth of  IAPC steadily and to newer heights. Today, IAPC is fast growing, adding new members and Chapters, with growing demands of aspiring media professionals to join IAPC to strengthen the organization at every step of its way.

We will work together, with dedication to enhance the working conditions of our journalists, exchanging ideas and offering educational and training opportunities to our members, aspiring young journalists and media professionals around the globe. We will honor and recognize media personnel for their excellence, and will aspire to bring in positive changes through our dedicated service among the community. IAPC envisages its vision through collective efforts and advocacy activities through its nearly two dozen Member Chapters across the US and Canada, by being the link between the media fraternity and the larger world.