The Indo American Press Club has been a champion for current and past journalists and communications professionals.  Founded in 2013,  it serves the Indian diaspora media fraternity across North America under one umbrella, to provide a unified voice, opportunities for interaction and support. 

Applying for membership is straightforward. Select a membership category that best fits your situation. Submit a membership application along with appropriate dues at the Join/Renew page, above. Applications received without the accompanying dues payment will not be considered.

Applications are reviewed by the Board of Directors and an official notice is then sent  by the Board Secretary, usually within three or four days. If for any reason an application is not approved, all fees paid are immediately refunded.


The Indo American Press Club was formed to bring together media groups and the Indian diaspora media fraternity across North America under one umbrella, to work together, support one another, and provide a unified voice to the mainstream media world and larger community.  The IAPC provides networking opportunities for journalists and professional communicators to discuss professional issues and affect change.

We have several opportunities such as an annual International Media Conference, periodic panel discussions, targeted lectures, felicitations from high profile individuals, and other Press Club sponsored functions. 

The annual International Media Conference and Awards are a long-standing tradition, honouring excellence in journalism and community by writers, reporters and change makers who are recognized as being among the best in their fields. 

There are significant benefits for you to be a member of the IAPC. You gain access to a unique professional network, exclusive events with high-profile global change influencers, cutting-edge Newswire services and an opportunity to network with others in the media industry.


    • ACTIVE:

For those who are journalists who are currently working in print, broadcast or Web news media.

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Are you a communications professional who has worked in news? Or are you someone who is working in a  news-related field?

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    • STUDENT:

Are you a full-time student whose concentration is in journalism, media or the communication arts.

DUES: $25.00 

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Are you supportive of those in the media and journalism field? We are grateful to our Patrons!



You see the benefits of being a part of our organization. 

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